deserved day off!

i'm so lucky i managed 4th of july off!
what a great way to reset after a holiday weekend that felt tortuous.

we started friday off with only 1 working blender. now, my bux is a high volume frappuccino bux, so with the addtion of the new juice blended drinks, as well as the hundred of other blended drinks we offer, it was hell doing it all on one blender since the other blender died on us. i can't even describe the anxiety that builds when you see a line of twenty frappuccinos - all totally different - and realizing you have to make then one at a time because some manager dropped the ball and forgot to back stock blenders for weekends just like this.

by saturday we realized the manager (who decided to take the entire weekend off because of the leadership conference, which only actually lasted thursday and friday) had neglected to schedule us properly. this meant many, many phone calls to get borrowed partners to fill the missing shifts. unfortunately, the people willing to take the shifts were far from stellar and our store looked like a hurricane hit by the end of the night.

sunday seemed to start of smoothly, but it soon became evident that we were going to run out of key product before noon, so the morning was spent calling other stores and then driving to them for product.
i wish i could say that was the worst of the worst for sunday - but no.
looking at the schedule for the closing shifts, it became evident that we would need to find a closing lead. why? because the closing lead (borrowed from another bux) that was scheduled had been fired three days earlier.
that's right. my manager scheduled someone she knew wouldn't be able to work the shift since his manager informed my manager that he was on his way out.

i guess karma isn't to be messed with because guess who had to drag their ass into bux and close the store?
that's right - my manager.
and i didn't feel the slightest bit bad for her, either.

so, today i am watching world cup and tour de france - then it's fireworks time.
i am going to enjoy a frappuccino-free day, that's for sure.

barista rant: don't give me attitude because i didn't say hi to you at our local market the other day! guess what? i'm PAID to be nice and welcoming at bux. on my days off i don't wear a green apron. if you saw me at ralphs, and if i failed to notice you standing in the cereal aisle, well - get over it! don't get pissed because i didn't recognize you and ask how your day was. if you tipped more often, it would probably be easier to remember you.


Marni said...

Sounds like you could use the day off... good for you!

Beth said...

As I was reading your post, I kept wondering why the manager didn't come in to fill in the gaps. Can't believe your manager waited until Sunday night to pitch in; I would have called and had her drive around to pick up product.

You'll be proud to know that I had dinner with my favorite barista Friday night. We've been saying for months we'd go cocktailing, and we finally did. It was great seeing her without an espresso machine in front of her.

Natalie said...

Yes! I love it when the crappy manager get's her due!!! Ha ha.

Benny said...

Hey Brat- glad you managed the day off! :-) I had to work, but only till 7:42 AM.

I hate seeing people I serve OUTSIDE of work. It's generally very awkward. I don't say hello. I don't even say hello to people I graduated from high school with- why would I say hello to someone who gives me grief every time something's broken, out-of-stock, or overpriced?

The only time I do fake helloes is at work. In the supermarket, I kinda raise my eyebrow. My eyebrow says, "I'm off the clock." Hehe.