there are things management does/does not do that baffles me.

for instance:
- not promoting someone to shift supervisor because they have aspirations of touring with their band. as i see it, unless this person has told you they don't want the promotion and have definite tour dates, promote him! don't hold him back because he has a friggen' dream!
- scheduling people outside of their availability. um, hello? you know those pieces of paper where each partner writes out their available times to work? well, use them! they're not just for decoration, you know!
- passing the (star)buck. don't blame your leads for not ordering correctly. don't blame your non-deserving assistant manager for not grinding coffee. don't blame the closing crew for the trash not being tossed out. if you are the manager, everything that goes wrong or right has your name on it. that's the way it works.
- preferring partners liking you to respecting you. guess what, no matter how hard you try if we don't respect you, we will never like you. so don't try and talk to us like you're our cool cousin. just do your job and all will be good.

in my opinion, if you take on the title, you take on the responsibility. if you can't hack it, transfer to a slower store. don't punish us for your inabilities. that sucks and that's the primary reason everyone is now jumping ship.

barista rant: when i ask you if you want a drink hot or iced, don't huff and roll your eyes like i'm stupid. especially if you just ordered a "no coffee mocha cappuccino" and what you really wanted was a chocolate cream frappuccino. it really doesn't bother me that you screwed up the lingo. it's the attitude i hate. so if you don't want me to verify your order: learn starbonics!


Beth said...

I've heard that acing the Bafflement 301 class is a requirement for managers.

Natalie said...

I'm visualizing a starbucks version of Dilbert...

Not Perfect said...

Ah, this reminds me of my own experience in food service, I had a manager who was guilty of your last bullet point. I didn't like OR respect him, so no "Mission Accomplished" there.