my wtf moment

tonight's post will be one huge partner rant.

i've had one foot out the door of my bux for months now. my former manager knew of my plans to transfer stores, all my fellow baristas have known about my plans to change bux's and my current manager came into my bux knowing i was on my way out.
the reason i've stayed is because i'm an idiot.
well, not quite. maybe i'm just a little sentimental. there have been a lot of issues/concerns/transitions in my bux for two fiscal quarters and i've stuck around to help with the process. i'm not the sort to leave when the going gets tough and i have mad love for several of my partners so i put my plans for a transfer on hold.

as i see it, my bux is now pretty well stabilized.
well, for the time being at least. it's true, by summer's end we will be missing some key players. a couple are leaving the state, one is being promoted and one has is retiring from the business of making coffee. i had decided far in advance that i would not be around in august to help with yet another transition. in fact, i've made it so abundantly clear that every few days i'm asked "when are you leaving?" by customers and partners alike.

so why the hell did my current manager give me a pout and puppy dog eyes when i informed her that the transfer ball has indeed started rolling? why did she say "ooh, i don't think this is such a good time to go. you know we have so many peeps leaving and not enough people trained to fill in the gaps".

um, W...T...F?!?

i'm not asking permission to leave this bux. i'm telling you that my departure is imminent. i've been upfront and honest about everything concerning my transfer and it's certainly not MY fault if you chose to pretend i'd be here forever.
guess what? i AM leaving. you CAN'T stop me. and if you don't start training people fast, you will be FUCKED.

if i were you, i'd spend my time hiring/training, and not huffing/whining.


Sling said...

glad to see you're not letting her passive/agressive crap sway you.I say good riddance to that situation and good luck in the next.

Benny said...

No doubt. Why is it the MANAGERS are always the last to hop on the proactive bandwagon??? I swear half of them get by just pretending like nothing wrong's happening in espresso-land.

Beth said...

Stand strong, Barista Brat! It's not your fault that she hasn't been looking for someone.

Ale8one said...

don't enable her or let her slack on not training people!!

[sic] said...

Heya Hiya Brat. While I sympathise with your dillema, I'm more lost in the whole, you're starting to sound a bit like the suicide king himself... me.

E-mail me if you need to vent. My new add'y is screen_scribe@msn.com.

Krys said...

OMFG! I am in EXACTLY the same situation as you were in! I am in the process of transferring stores to be closer to where I live and my jackass manager of my old store is trying to keep me full time for the rest of the summer... despite the fact that it costs me an arm and a leg to get there! I want to hit him, seriously I do!