customers want their 15 minutes

what happened to those customers that would come in, order their drink, pay and then leave?
why does everything - including getting a bux drink - have to be some huge ordeal now?

this morning i had to serve perpetual diet lady. not only do i need to look up the calorie count, but i have to listen to her dumb life story about how she's always gained weight easily, how she really, really loves frappuccinos but desperately needs something with less fat and sugar, and how she is willing to forgo food for her damn frappuccino. but wait! that's not the end of it! she will then regale the barista with tales about all her failed diets, about the time she tried ephedra and how people sometimes mistake her for being pregnant, all the while sucking up her venti extra caramel extra whipped cream mocha frappuccino LIGHT.

and of course there's the older man who spends fifteen minutes reminiscing about the good ole' days when a cup of coffee was just a cup of coffee.
"why the hell does starBUCKS need to rename the sizes?!? all i want is a cup of coffee! i don't want no language lessons. it used to take me two seconds to order my coffee, now it's longer than the building of that wall in china!"
of course, the he's holding up the bux line with his soapbox tirade, but he doesn't care. and when he has his coffee in hand and goes to the condiment bar, it sets him off on a whole different bitchfest about splenda and artificial sweeteners and how in his day all they had and needed was sugar. really,
it gets old after you've heard it week after week.

and what's with the kids that aren't even in high school yet, but already have a signature bux drink. if it isn't made to their ridiculous speculations, they will pitch a fit and demand it be remade, reminding us that their parents own bux stock. yeah, it's tiring and all too familiar.

partner rant: so today was the official rollout of the new blended drinks. thanks so much marketing team! new blended drinks mean more opportunities for customers to bitch, complain and expect free samples 24/7. it's a million more chances for drinks to be ordered wrong, made correctly, and remade to accommodate a customers mangled idea of what an iced cappuccino is. i'm sure i sound bitter. it's probably because i haven't had a chance to recover from the last rollout.


Sling said...

I remember when we had to walk 5 miles in the snow to get used coffee grounds for the next day's brew!...(sigh)..can I have a venti extra whipped cream mocha frappucino please?.. :P

Ale8one said...

hey brat, they're about to complete the bux store, right across the street from my neighborhood. it should be opening anytime.

would you like me to pass on this URL to the bux crew there?

Bill said...

Ha, nice blog, and thanks for reminding me that I should be happy that I work in an office (which has it's own brand of insanity) and don't deal with customers every second that I'm at work:P

Ceetar said...

new products huh..I miss the chantico.

though the new blended pomegrante thing is pretty good. (and probably healthier for me)

Anonymous said...

God. People who order iced cappuccinos are retarded. Honestly, how can something made with half foam be iced?