here comes the grump

sorry about the lack of posts. blogger has been brattier than a barista these past few days.

i know it's annoying to go into a bux and have the barista ask "what do you want" without a smile, much less a "hi, how are you". i'm sure you want to smack them upside their smug little heads, hoping it will knock some politeness into them. what's equally annoying are the customers that are always growly faced, no matter how nice the barista might be.

we have one such customer named colette.
colette is the coldest fish i've ever encountered. it doesn't matter that we always greet her with a "hello colette! how are you today?". it doesn't matter that we know her drink and usually have it made by the time she's finished paying. and of course it doesn't matter that we thank her and bid her a good day.
in the last two years colette has done little else but grunt and toss her money at us.
and you know what? it sucks. really it does.
but we are baristas and part of our job description is to be welcoming to our customers ('guests' in starbonics). even though we are paid to be pleasant and say 'thank you', it still feels pretty rotten when someone can't return a smile day after day, week after week, year after year.

i'm tempted to mess up colette's drink on purpose, just to see if she's capable of any sort of emotion. but really, i don't think she is.

partner rant: why can't you multi-task? one do you make only one drink at a time? why do you stand and watch the blender until it finishes it's cycle, instead of preparing the next drink? and why, oh why do you only single bag the trash cans? i get it, you have a one track mind, but if you want to keep your job you better learn to walk and chew gum at the same time.


Benny said...

Our Colette was named Jill. She had long red hair that she never combed and she dressed like a hippie in flowing skirts and sandals. She ordered a cappucino, but didn't want any foam. (God, how I hate these people.) Every time we trained someone new, they'd kill themselves trying to wow her, sometimes venturing to correct her ("You mean a latte?"). Ultimately, Jill won. She never smiled, she never said anything. She'd just flounce up to the register, drop her two-ton rucksack on the counter, and jab her oily dollar bills at us till SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD took them from her and made change. Then she sat at a table with her bare feet up on another chair reading about Eastern philosophy and religion. You explain to me how all this fit into her way of treating people!

PS- I missed the game! Did England win? Hehehehehe.

PPS- I like TypePad a lot better than Blogger. It's prettier, but it's not free after a month. The cheapest package is 5 bucks/month. The trick with the comments is you have to make sure you've gotten to a page where you can enter a code. If you don't get to that page, then go back and refresh and copy your comment and keep trying till you do. A pain, I know. But worth it. :-)

barista brat said...

but i bet jill was super cool to bugs and insects.

hey - must all bux's in florida charge tax for drinks? i know you have those jerks who refuse to break their fiver even though they owe you three pennies.
is it a florida thing?

Benny said...

Drinks get taxed. The jerks that refuse to break their five get refused, themselves these days. I'm one tough cookie- PMS? The nice people that look like they're gonna pee their pants over three cents I might help out. I might drop that quarter someone left me into my drawer and give them nice, even paper change. :-)