50/50 day

things that pissed me off today:
- customer dropped forty dollars while at the register. barista picked it up and returned it to her while she was at the condiment bar. the lady doesn't smile and doesn't thank the barista. instead she huffed because he interrupted her while she put cream into her coffee.
- customer ordered an espresso brownie, then got upset because he waited ten minutes and his drink was never made. when asked what drink he'd ordered, the guy replied "espresso brownie". when we explained an espresso brownie was a pastry and he was holding it in his hand, he got gruff and blamed the register partner for messing up his order.
- the customer who was very specific about the amount of classic syrup she wanted in her iced tea. i made it to her specifications and she told me it was too sweet. i offered to remake it so she would quit her griping. she sighed and said "ok, but i want to see how many pumps of syrup you put in." she asked me to count out loud each time i put a pump of syrup in her tea (like i was a three-year old). then she had the nerve to say, "hmm, it's still too sweet. maybe i should get it with only two pumps, not three. can you make it again?"

things that made me smile today:
- loyal customer saw we were short handed today and brought in lunch for all the baristas.
- an older woman ordered a tea and realized she didn't have enough cash. a teenager behind her in line offered to pay so the woman wouldn't have to use her credit card.
- my awesome assistant manager. i just love this gal to death. any day i work with her is a great day.
- being thanked by a customer for making her drink perfectly.
- a customer throwing five bucks in the tip jar because the baristas made him laugh out loud.

partner rant: your days are numbered, newbie. do you honestly think blaming everything you do wrong on everyone else is going to work for you? every partner has tried to train you and teach you how to do things correctly, but instead of making an effort to do things right, you'd rather suck as a barista and put the blame on everyone else. well, yesterday you crossed the line. how DARE you insinuate that i was the reason your till was short. how DARE you lie and tell the managers the reason the floor was messy was because i told you it was more important to do things fast than correctly. you're too stupid to realize that my reputation precedes me, that i'm a bombass barista, and that my managers would sooner drink bleach than give credence to your sad attempt to slander me.


Benny said...

Can someone please tell me why I got 4 people telling me, "But they've ALWAYS DONE IT FOR ME BEFORE!" today. Brat, are you sending all your morons to Tampa? Because if you are, watch your step. We have lah-tay drinkin' rednecks down here. Real ones. And I won't hesitate to send them to you first class. :-)

guerrilla blogger said...

the smiles are well worth it though, aren't they?

Natalie said...

I'm still laughing about the espresso brownie!!

I like reading the nice stuff.