attitude change

even rude customers can have an off day!

we have a customer who comes in daily to my bux. she's older and immaculately put together. from the top of her highlighted head down to her open-toed fendis she reeks of old money and a rotten attitude. she never once has cracked a smile (although i tend to believe that has more to do with the botox and less to do with her disposition) and never has she been polite when ordering her drink. not only is she a mega grump each day, but she's also too lazy (or just too superior) to throw her straw wrappers away.

so imagine my surprise yesterday when she initiated a short pleasant conversation with me! she still didn't smile but she asked how my day was going and thanked me after her drink was made (something entirely unheard of for her). my fellow baristas and i were in shock when she threw her own straw wrapper away as well as toss some change into our tip jar.

in addition to this customer mr. "distinctly told you!" came in after taking some happy pills. he thank me profusely for leaving enough room in his drink as well as calling me "sweetheart" and "dear". who knows if his new lease on ordering coffee will stick, but it was nice to see he was more than capable of being polite.

of course i'm not holding my breath that these two won't quickly revert to their former grumpy selves.

partner rant: don't give me attitude because you need help finding shift coverage. you're not even from my bux! i know you hate calling around to other stores looking for coverage, but when i ask you to call back because we are experiencing a rush and are too busy to give you phone numbers, don't snarl at me with a "thanks for NOTHING!" before hanging up on me. this is not the way to make friends and influence, ok?


Ben said...

I can only think of one thing that's caused this sudden coincidence that's surprised you all.

Are they having sex with each other ?

mellowlee said...

Wow, that's incredible. Haha what Ben said :)
Re the partner rant, I wonder if that person knows the meaning of the saying "Don't burn your bridges"

Marcus said...

good times... at least it was a happy day for some people... maybe customer number 1 got a conscience and customer number 2 started to warm up to your bux...

i had a little experience of my own at the bux opposite my office (in kuala lumpur)... I know that the staff are supposed to ask if you want to upsize or try a new drink but this was really too much...

me: can i please have a grande latte with an extra shot.

persistant barista: would you like to try our pumpkin latte and have a venti instead? there's not much difference

me: nah, i like my coffee pretty plain and i can't finish a venti at the moment.

pb: c'mon, we only have it once a year and it's only rm2 difference if you upsize.

me: no, i'd rather not. just want my latte plain and grande.

pb: you should really try the pumpkin.

me (getting annoyed and needed to get back to work): fine, give me whatever. i need to get to work.

so i got my pumpkin latte. with no extra shot. grr.

SkippyMom said...

Dang Marcus - sorry for that...coffee is coffee, but when you are offered pumpkin something in lieu of what you ordered? how far off could she be?

and I agree about the post - I think the 2 customers found luuuuuuv!

mellowlee said...

*is "allergic" to pumpkin* ;)

Vicki said...

Hey, I surfed in by accident but had to comment, your blog is fantastic! Will hopefully find you again some other time to catch up!

Beth said...

Freaky planetary alignment?


i agree with ben... their newly found positivity could only be from a pre-coffee release... perhaps they met in line at your bux and YOU are responsible for their uncommonly good moods!

andy ming said...

Or it is just maybe they read your blog already and realise polite attitude goes a long way? lol.

Citymouse said...

okay...what did you put in the coffee???

Marcus said...

skippymom - i don't usually like my coffee too sweet and i just wasn't feeling like the whole pumpkin thing... i dunno, i'm pretty fussy... :p but the point was that if i say no once, that should be enough...

barista brat said...

ben - haha, i think that's the best explanation possible!

mellowlee - yeah, some partners are especially dumb when it comes to asking favors.

marcus - what happened at your local bux was inexcusable! i know we are told to promote certain items, but we are not supposed to FORCE them on people. sorry you had that experience.

skippymom - haha, it would be funny if it was love!

vicki - thanks for stopping by!

beth - that or they were just plain gettin' freaky.

inner voices - it's happened before!

andy ming - one can only hope :)

citymouse - it wasn't me! i swear!

Anonymous said...

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