ask the barista!

DJ asked -

When I go to my favourite local bux, the baristas are always really sweet to me and I want to leave them a tip. I usually toss something in the jar, but what is the appropriate tip amount when one orders a drink there? Thanks!

honestly, baristas love to see dollars in the tip jar, but if you were to only toss in a dime or so we won't complain (at least we shouldn't!). whenever i go to bux (and i go quite often as a customer) i always toss the change from my order into the tip jar. the only time baristas feel someone should tip is when they've ordered 20+ drinks and expect us to box them up. so, in my opinion, the "appropriate" amount is what you feel comfortable tipping. but if your barista is rude, unwelcoming and your drink tastes like drain water - then don't tip anything!

simply lauren asked -

So, i'm wondering when the christmas cups are coming out. AND----also, is pumpkin spice latte a year round drink or seasonal? me and my friend have a bet. :) Thanks! Keep up the great blog!

good question about the christmas cups! i don't have an exact roll out date (i will find out!) but they usually come out around the end of october/beginning of november. and the pumpkin spice latte is only seasonal. some buxs have them long into the new year because they still have product in their stores. that happened at my old bux and eventually the product expired and we had to toss what we had left.

partner rant: i know you want to leave early. i know you tried calling people in so that you could leave an hour earlier. i know it's frustrating when you have somewhere you want to be but are stuck at work. but guess what? the schedule has been posted for two weeks! so don't spend your ENTIRE shift complaining that people never do you favors, ok? don't bitch and moan because YOU failed to take care of your shift weeks ago. and don't think that all the partners working with you today won't remember your all day tirade.


Thy said...

now i want coffee!

Ben Heller said...

I agree about the tip thing. The coffee is usually excellent but if the service is surly then I won't tip.
At my local coffee shop they have a jar for tips on the counter. I don't use that because there is a member of staff I don't like who is taking a share of my tip.

When I leave I always put the tip on the plate or tray and hand it back to the person as I'm walking past the counter on my way out.

mellowlee said...

Those holiday cups RULE! I bought a ceramic version last Christmas and love it. I also bought 2 gift sets for myself there were on clearance after Christmas with my Christmas money too. Bux does the holidays so well :) Beautiful red and white! I always leave my change in the jar, even if my drink is accidentally messed up (which is very rare). Usually they automatically give me a free drink voucher which I think is very sweet of them. I love my bux.

Anonymous said...

I am usually impressed by how nice my barista is, and since I am a server I usually leave a $1 tip, no matter what I drink (I consider it like a bar, where you tip $1 per drink). That usually gets a nice thank you.

One time, I had less cash than I expected. I had exact change for the drink, and then a five. So I started to pull out the exact, then I changed my mind and took out the five. The barista actually commented something like, "I hate it when people pull out exact change, that means they don't tip."

I thought it was incredibly rude to comment on whether I tip or not to my face, even ignoring the fact that I usually tip (and yes, I tipped that bitch).

Was it rude? Or am I crazy?

The Girl with Moxie said...

Anon, I don't think it was about you - I think the barista just opened her mouth and inserted her foot.
Ben, even if you put the tip on the tray, doesn't the server still have to include it in the communal tip jar? I have been under the impression that tips get shared regardless of how they are acquired. Can any servers/baristas clarify this?

BoB said...

I used to tip a buck, but then my wife pointed out how much automated the bar is at the 'bux. Now I tip when I'm feeling flush or when it seemed like soy was a big fat pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

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