a tale of two mommies

mothers come in all the time with their kids. at my previous bux my biggest rant about mommies was that they let their kids run wild in our store while they sat and drank their coffee. i didn't think a mommy rant could get worse but i have been proven wrong.

the first mommy actually deserves a rave.
as she walked into the store with her two young children i heard her say "now remember, we are only here to get coffee beans. no drinks and no treats, ok?"
she picked out the pound of beans she wanted and handed them to me. meanwhile her kids started to get squirmy and began to whine for some madeleines.
"i already told you, we are just here for beans." she reminded them.
the kids started to whine louder.
"no sweethearts," she continued in her same gentle tone. "mommy already said no treats."
the kids started to cry and pout. "but we want them!" they whined in unison.
"i know you want them but mommy already told you that we weren't going to get them." she remained firm yet even-toned.
"wow," i commented as i handed her back her change. "you're a good mother. most parents would just give in as soon as their kids started making a scene."
"thank you," she smiled. "when they cry it tears at my heart but how else will they learn? if you give in you're just teaching them the wrong lesson."

i swear, i think i'll buy her a coffee the next time she comes in the store.

the second mommy earned this rant.
she and her daughter headed straight to the bathroom when they entered the store. finding it locked, the mom walked to the register and ordered her coffee.
"mommy!" her six year-old called out. "i need a bathroom."
"we have to wait for the person to get out before we can use it." the mom responded.
it was at this time i noticed the girl had very noticeable (and recent) stains on the seat of her pants. it was obvious she'd had an accident and needed to change her clothes - at the very least clean the mess inside her undies.
"mommy, it feels yucky."
"well that's your fault." the mom chided her in front of everyone in the store. "i told you to go poopie before we left the house. next time listen to me and then you won't have to walk around with messy underpants."
"uh, there's a bathroom at the restaurant next door and at the donut shop two doors down." i informed her as i uncomfortably watched her daughter squirming.
"no, she just has to learn to listen to me when i tell her to go to the john before we leave the house." she retorted. "the worse it feels the easier it will be for her to remember next time."
at this point her daughter started to cry softly to herself, clearly embarrassed.
"will this teach you to listen to me next time?" the mother asked as she picked up her drink. "or do you need to poop in your pants a second time?"

i swear, it's tempting to poison her coffee the next time she comes into the store.

partner rant: i know you're not my permanent manager, but will it kill you to listen to your partners when it comes to the schedule? not only do you keep scheduling people against their availability, you're forgetting to make sure there's manager coverage each day. now the rest of us have to scramble to fix your mistakes. please, listen to us when we tell you the schedule needs to be fixed instead of waiting until the last minute.


mish said...

i feel so sorry for evil mom's kid. growing up with a woman like that a mom.....

slskenyon said...

Oh, that's incredible. I give props to the first mother for her firmness on the subject. I cannot believe that poor kid, the second one, had to learn from humiliation. What a mother. However, I do have to agree with the "letting the kids run amock" in the store problem--I've had that one pretty often. In addition, I can't stand when parents stand in line with their kids for ten minutes and then try to get them to pick something when the get to the counter they were in full view of for that entire length of time. No, lady, it will not be a quick process asking your two-year old what she wants, and there are six people behind you. Sometimes the free reign and understanding goes a little too far.

Sling said...

I agree with siskenyon.Especially when I'M the one standing behind them,

Atyllah said...

Just discovered your site - great stories! I particularly relate to the mommy stories - having penned a few of my own about mommies at the gym, who drag their kids along and then rant about wanting "my time" - and this during the school holidays. Some mommies could do with a double dose of reality.

barista brat said...

mish - too true. what a nightmare of a mother.

slskenyon - haha, i never expected borders to be as bad as bux!

sling - i can hear your thoughts now: "shoulda brought my glock"

atyllah - thanks for stopping by!

Amin said...

A tale of two mothers and a salutary lesson in bringing up children.

The poor little girl with the second mother is going to learn some very poor self-esteem lessons I think.

I used to work in a shop and it amazed me how many parents would let their children run around even when there was a lot of glass about.

Enjoying your posts, by the way!

Beth said...

What an f'ing b*tch. That poor child.

Brandon said...

I think parents in many cases got so lazy after the first kid was born that they just forgot everything they every learned or decided to do before it squirted out. "To hell with the statistics, I'm going to do what makes me feel better." Others, such as mom #1, can retain control of their emotions and truly keep the child's best interest in mind. Great rant. The Wandering Author's description of your posts, so I came by for a peak.

SkippyMom said...

This post made me cry. As a mom of two girls, I couldn't imagine EVER doing that...gosh, she was just a little kid.

I know our children don't come with a manual, but seriously...Some people just shouldn't be parents.

Bad parents suck.

barista brat said...

amin - it's crazy how some parents seem to think stores and cafes are substitutes for the playground and amusement parks. thanks for stopping by!

beth - you said it, my friend.

brandon - like you i believe many parents just think of themselves and not what's best or necessary for their kids. thank you for checking out my blog!

skippymom - it's sad just how many bad parents are out there.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the festering hatred over the report of a six-year-old (your information) being encouraged to behave as if they lived within an urban city.

jehara said...

mommy #2 story sounds like child abuse.