move the left...move to the right

another "soy blended drink" lady came in tonight. of course i was quick to inform her that "blended" and "soy" are diametrically opposed in my bux. she sighed and pouted, but she did NOT walk away with a blended soy drink.
score one for the brat!

so, i alluded to some drama on the horizon. guess this new district is doing a "management shuffle". of course, there are many reasons to do the shuffle. sometimes it's because a certain manager isn't cutting it. other times it's because they're da bomb diggity and they are moving to a store that really needs their skills. and other times i think it's because a district manager gets a bug up the bootie and wants to disturb any sense of familiarity a store might have.

which reason applies in my new district? really, i have no idea. i haven't been here long enough to know the dirt. heck, i haven't even met all the partners in my new bux yet. but whatever manager ends up in my bux - i'm ready. the other partners seem a bit jaded and just shrug their shoulders when talking about the shuffle. it's almost as if they don't even care - and maybe they don't. the current manager hardly seems bothersome, but neither is she endearing. none of the partners seem sad at all that she will be leaving and i've barely worked with her so i'm not sad either.

so, hopefully a nice laid back and chill manager will be picked to join our bux, although from what i've heard of our district manager, i guess i should prepare for the worst.

partner rant: you've been here HOW long? over a month? and still you're not sure how many shots go into a grande latte or how to mark a cup for an extra foamy caramel macchiatto. even five minutes after i gave you the recipe for a tall mocha you forgot it. how is that possible? it was one stinkin' drink! was it truly a struggle to keep '3 pumps mocha, one shot espresso, steamed milk, whipped cream' in your memory banks five minutes later? i guess so because when i asked you to repeat the recipe you gave me a dumb look and giggled, "i forgot! tee hee!". you better start remembering if you want to keep your job.


The Girl with Moxie said...

Man, I think I would know how to mark the cups for drinks, I've been at Bux so damn much in the last 6 months. AND I carry my own Sharpie in a pretty shade of teal green!

Natalie said...

No way, did she really "tee hee"? Oi, gigglers are so annoying.

barista brat said...

girl with moxie - you're hired!

natalie - they are extremely annoying - especially when they don't make an effort to do their job.