annoying regular and regular annoyance

so, miss "look at me!" came in again tonight.
of course she scanned the store upon entering and when spotting me behind the bar, marched right over to me and started to gab.

"brat! how are you?" she asked before launching into a tirade about the gym.
"I went there bright and early to get the machine i wanted and you know what? there was someone on it! i know there's about ten other machines just like it, but i don't like them."
"oh, really?" i asked in between calling out the drinks i was making. i really don't know why she has latched herself on to me.
"honey, i've signed up with a trainer and i bought a zone diet book!"
"oh, really?" was my standard response as i continued to make drinks.
"yeah, but i don't think it's working that well. when i was younger i would have dropped five pounds by now - but look at me!" she lifted her shirt to reveal the same folds she showed me last time.

i'm frightened she's going to flash me every time she comes in.

but the most annoying customer of the night goes to miss "cappuccino".
she properly asked for a frappuccino with whipped cream. but then she wanted to add two more drinks.
"cappuccinos - two of them." she informed the register partner.
"cappuccinos? you mean the hot ones, yeah?" she verified.
"yes, two cappuccinos with whipped cream." the customer answered.
"alright, one frappuccino and two hot cappuccinos with whipped cream?" the register partner again verified because whipped cream on top of cappuccinos is almost unheard of.
"yes!" the customer was getting testy. "that's what i want!"

so, after making her frappuccino, i made two cappuccinos and topped them with whipped cream. yeah, it was an odd drink but i'd heard my register partner verify it twice so i just figured the lady had odd tastes.
"no! not these! i want them like this one!" she pointed to the frappuccino after i'd set her drinks on the bar.
"didn't you ask for hot cappuccinos?' i asked although i already knew the answer.
"i asked for cappuccinos but not hot ones." she tried to backtrack.
"well, cappuccinos are hot." i informed her - upset because i knew i was going to have to redo the drinks.
"oh, i was confused," she lied with a smile plastered on her face. "can i get them cold?"

i so wanted to say 'no', but of course i just sighed deeply and dumped the made to order cappuccinos and instead prepared the ice blended drinks for her.

barista rant: why can't you ask for everything you want at one time? why do you wait until i've made your iced coffee to ask me to put extra syrup in it. and when i've added the extra syrup, why do you then ask me to put it in a bigger cup and add extra ice. and when i've added the ice and given you a larger cup, you then ask me to add a touch of half and half to it. and when i've done that you then ask me to put a dome lid on top and fill it with whipped cream. is this how your ocd manifests itself? if so - please get help.


AL said...

i am spam...

Beth said...

Brat, how you make it through a week without tossing a frappuccino on someone -- or just screaming -- is beyond me. You have the patience of a saint.

Tom said...

I think you should for one week--make it one day--see what would happen if you were, in a completely non-mean, direct, straightforward and sincere way, completely honest with everybody. Like: "Oh, you told me about your weight issues and showed me your stomach the last time you came in." No attitude, no tone of voice, you just say it, like you might say "nice shirt you're wearing" if you really liked the shirt. Or: "I verified that you said hot and you said yeah, hot, so I'll be happy to make you an iced one but you'll have to pay for both drinks." Again, no testiness, just simply and calmly stating the information, like you'd say "That'll be six seventy five."

What would happen?

barista brat said...

al - uh, ok.

beth - it's actually been a lot easier at this new store. i think i would have lost it several times over if i were still at the old bux.

tom - i promise you, when i've either won the lottery, become a bestselling author, or inherit millions from some long-lost relative, i will do just that.

Ben said...

Why can't everyone just ask for a plain and simple espresso ?

There's way too much choice in this world for my liking and people can't make decisions anymore, and what's more...you're suffering because of it.

Sling said...

Does this look infected to you?..just wonderin'..

Dale said...

I'm with Ben. Two or three choices and that's it. No menu customization or anything.

It does sound like you've got patience to spare!

Natalie said...

Yep you give them two many choices and then they start making up menu items. But they don't really know what they're talking about.

barista brat said...

ben - i wouldn't mind it so much if they would just stick with how the drinks are listed on the menu. it's all the 'customizing' that i hate so much.

sling - oh man, thank you for my laugh of the day.

dale - i actually have more patience because i just recently changed stores. if i were still at my old bux i'm sure i'd have reached my breaking point.

natalie - it's true. i think they just like how the words "extra skinny mocha latte" sounds - even though "nonfat mocha" will suffice.

jehara said...

i hate the 'just say yes' policy. so much abuse happens because everyone knows you have to 'just say yes. . .'