i want a golden goose and i want it now!

last night a woman and her teenage daughter came into bux. they weren't looking for coffee, they were looking for a job.
the mother was one of those "pressure sale" avon lady types. you know, the kind that won't take "i'm really not interested so get that damn booklet out of my face" as a "no".

so last night when she and her daughter asked for an application, i happily handed one over and explained that in a week there will be a hiring fair at a nearby bux.

"well, why can't she go to a hiring fair at this store?" mom asked.
"there actually isn't one scheduled for this store," i explained while thinking "is going an extra mile really going to put you out?"
"can she just fill this out and have an interview tonight?" mom asked while her daughter looked like she wanted to crawl under a rock and die.
"i can take the application but i have no idea when a manager will get around to calling you. that's why it's a much better idea to go to the hiring fair. it's an on the spot interview."
"why don't you just put a note on her application for the manager to call and set up an interview?" mom was getting testy with me.
"i could stick a twenty dollar bill on it, it still doesn't mean a manager is going to call to set up an interview." i was getting very bratty.
"well, this is a ridiculous way to conduct business." she looked down her nose at me. "if the employees don't even know how an applicant can set up an interview, how is anyone supposed to get a job here?"
"i'm sorry," i smiled sweetly. "did i neglect to tell you about the hiring fair?"
"we're not interested in that!" she huffed. "all we want is for a date and time to see a manager - that's all!"

so you know what i did? i gave her the date and time of the hiring fair AGAIN.

partner rant: please don't come into the backroom while i'm on my break and tell me about your intestinal problems. especially while i am eating lunch. don't describe how much it hurts to go to the bathroom and how you'll never eat goat cheese again. and don't tell me that the reason you're telling me all this is because you didn't want me to get "bored" during my break.


jpdc said...

I think it would be fun to hire her, and then find a way to make her cry, and then see what mom has to say when she returns to the store.

And she WILL cry.

The Wandering Author said...

You were a lot more patient than I would have been! I don't handle stupid well. And pushy sales-types push all the wrong buttons with me.

Beth said...

That poor child ...

Citymouse said...

I feel like such a better mom now. Thank you!

Gwen said...

"At this point I'm ready to put a note on her application telling the manager NOT to call her."

Hehheh. Sounds like you did very well.

Freaky Filly said...

you should have called her veruca to see if she would make the connection. :o) i was away, but now i'm back. and soon, very soon, i may be visiting a local bux to partake in something so caffeinated that i am able to feed the baby at 3 am without falling asleep.

Ben Heller said...

Pushy parents. God I hate them. That poor girl must have been mortified by her mothers behaviour.

barista brat said...

jpdc - it seems you have some experience in this department.

the wandering author - these kind of people are really my only complaint about working for bux. well, if you don't count idiot managers, stupid newbies, too many frappuccinos, etc.

beth - i know. this girl is headed for therapy - if she already isn't in it.

citymouse - haha, your welcome.

gwen - i'm sure she's going to come back in and i'm going to have to go through this all over again.

freaky filly - good to see you back. congratulations on your baby!

ben heller - i have a feeling the girl is used to it, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

You left that application someplace where it will never be found, right?

What kind of people let their mother do a job interview?

Amin said...

Did she ever get hired?

If she needs her mother to get her an application form she probably isn't that much of a catch as an employee.