still adjusting

so, only a week at my new bux and already things are going to change.
from what i hear the district manager can be affectionately described as a "nightmare" and there has been a lot of management movement within the district. so long as it doesn't directly affect my schedule, i'm not sweating it.

today i experienced my first rush at the new bux - well, what passes for a rush in this store. my fellow baristas are good, but they aren't as fast as the partners at my old bux. they aren't slow, but they're not fast. the set up of the store is completely different, so i'm not at my usual quick pace, but i'm still a superstar.

i haven't met any partners that i dislike or rub me the wrong way, and that pleases me much. the customers are still really laid back and i've made only a fraction of the frappuccinos i'm used to making during the summer. so nice!

there are a ton of regulars at this bux who come in multiple times within the day which makes me wonder - do they have jobs? they bypass me when i asked them if i can start their drink and instead go directly to the partners they know and love. i find that funny. especially since they've seen me all week and it's finally dawning on them that i'm here to stay.

so, final assessment of new bux: good with good people.

hopefully next week doesn't hold too many surprises.

customer rant: don't try to "school" me when i come into your store. don't say "oh, you must be new" and treat me as if i have a lot to learn. guess what, smartie - not only have i been around the bean block a few times, the "information" you're doling out is incorrect! why don't you crack open those manuals in the backroom and spend your time getting your bux facts straight instead of trying to show up another (better informed) barista.


Grish said...

It just takes some getting used to the change I'm sure. You'll be more than fine.

Beth said...

I hate those first few days when you're trying to get your bearings. But I love that you're already SUPERSTAR!

Sling said...

You're a pro,the customers will soon be bypassing the others to get their drinks from their new favorite Barista.Glad things seem to be working out well for you B.Brat..