sucky bux

i love working for bux, i really do. i can't think of any other part-time job that gives you benefits, grants you stock and gives paid time off for vacation.
so, when my friend was hired at a bux near me i was happy for him. but that all changed very quickly. you see, not all bux are created equal.

my friend had the unfortunate experience of going to a sucky bux. the kind where the employees are cranky, the manager is clueless and ethics don't exist.
not only did they improperly train him (and mind you, bux has spent a lot of money developing and creating training manuals and techniques that ALL stores are to use), his assistant manager tried to get him to sign a piece of paper stating he will not be a barista but a janitor.

oh yeah, you read that right.
they want him to do floor runs, take the trash out, clean drains and scrub the toilets. and they want him to sign his name agreeing to it!

for anyone who might not know - there is NO such janitor position in bux. everyone is a barista and every barista should do floor runs, take the trash out, clean drains and scrub the toilets. i do it, managers worth their salt do it, newbies do it - basically, everyone in a green apron does it.
not only do baristas clean, they prep, they make drinks and they serve customers. because my friend's bux is a sucky bux, they've decided to make up their own rules and regulations. because my friend is new and not part of their particular clique, they are trying to get him to do all the grunt work.

apparenlty he's got a meeting with the store manager next week. it could be a sit down discussion in which his progress is discussed, or it could be just a formality for when they hand him his final paycheck. if it's the latter, i've already well informed him that what he's experience is NOT standard and i've given him a course of action to follow in case they try to fire him.

the tragedy is this guy was really keen to work for bux. now, of course, he's sour on the experience. but the real loser is bux. not only do they have idiots running one of their stores, their reputation as a great employer is being ruined by the likes of these idiots.

customer rant: i know working with friends is fun. i know joking around is fun. but please remember that customers don't come to bux to hear you shout, shriek or scream. we are here to relax and chat with friends over a cup of coffee. we do not want our conversations, our book reading, our paper writing to be interrupted multiple times by the baristas shouting dumb jokes to one another. this is the customers' third place, not your house party - ok?


Natalie said...

So just want someone to do the dirty work? Stupid.

Beth said...

Can your friend apply for your spot at your current, soon to be former, bux?

Benny said...

Brat! Bryan Ferry singing "Sympathy for the Devil"- Heaven must be missing an angel... sigh.

Hehe. :-)

Benny said...
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Anonymous said...

ummm well 2 comments 1) if u have a black apron do u have to do the hard work? and 2) u say no screaming... but how bout cheering?

barista brat said...

natalie - true. very, very stupid.

beth - bux doesn't tranfer people that aren't a 'good fit'. transfers happen if someone moves, or they need to go to a different district, or if they're getting a promotion, etc. you're not allowed to move stores because you don't get on with the management team.
too bad he can't go to my store. even with the problems, it's better than what he's dealing with.

benny - what! where! when! i need linkage, baby!

anonymous - how did i KNOW you were going to say something about the black apron! cheering is only allowed if it's 'the perfect cheer', haha.

Benny said...

It's an iTunes thing. Wait till I have it in Media and I'll see if I can send it to you! ;-)

It's hotness. Needless to say.

Sling said...

Kudos on the customer rant.Very professional of you to understand that ultimately,the customer should enjoy the experience.Besides,it usually translates into better tippage!..