nothing to write home about

so tonight was my first shift at my new bux.

i have learned that a harmonious work environment and polite customers make for a boring post on blogger.

so far the partners at this new store seem pretty laid back but wiling to do their job. they were all very welcoming and even a couple of the regular customers introduced themselves to me.

this bux is nowhere near a movie theatre, shopping center or ice cream parlor. that means it's very, very sllloooooowwwww.
do i mind?
hardly. it's nice to have enough time during your shift actually clean and prep everything necessary without going into overtime or working off the clock (which of course this brat will NEVER do). it's nice to have customers that aren't freaking out because their frappuccino is taking .004 seconds longer than usual. and it's really, really nice to have teenagers that are well behaved rather than unruly.

of course it will take time for me to get to know all the customers, get used to where all the product is stored and find out which partners are the bad apples.

but so you don't completely feel cheated - there was one thing of interest that happened at my new bux: i trapped then killed a fly that was in the pastry case.

customer rant: was it really necessary to throw a tantrum today? i know it was annoying that the customer in front of me ordered her drink incorrectly and then wanted you to remake it but really, did you have to huff and puff about it? as i stood before you - waiting to tell you my order - you continued to rant about the customer. when you finally calmed down and turned your attention to me, you were unfriendly and muttered "what do you want?" instead of a cheery "hi, what can i get started for you today?" if your shift is ruined by one incorrectly ordered drink, then i suggest you find another line of work. bux just seems to be too much for you.


Benny said...

Trapped AND killed a fly? Damn, you one talented brat. Sheeeeet.

At my new job (Day Two, mind), we were supposed to put on our headsets at 11:30 last night and do role-play greetings with the people in the room. Supposedly, they had the phones hooked up to each other. Wrong! They had the phones hooked up to main pool! And systems had been down at the airport, so everyone calling we in a Mama-Said-Knock-You-Out mood. My call?

"Is this Northwest?"

"Wait, is THIS Northwest?"

"Wait, shouldn't YOU know?"

[Me, looking around the room suspiciously. When did we get a man with a deep Hispanic accent in our class of 23?]

"This is not Northwest. I'm sorry."

I was laughing too hard to be scared. Very professional, non?

Natalie said...

Do you get the fly with your chopsticks a la Karate kid? =)

Beth said...

Brat, you have further established your cool with your fly-killng skills.

Maybe your bux is like mine, which does 40% of its business by 10 a.m. And I just recently figured out why y'all refer to them as "bux" (DUH!).

BENNY: Congrats on starting the new job.

Benny said...

BETH: Thanx! Hehe. :-)

anne altman said...

bux would be too much for me.

mish said...

you know flies dont have very good peripherial vision but they have great vision on top so the best way to kill them is to swat them from the side or behind - works great!

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