brat moves bux!

today i won't rant about my bux.

you won't hear me complaining about the fact that my store is literally falling apart, how the schedule STILL is in desperate need of a skillful eye, how the newbies seem to be floundering instead of flourishing, how our orders still are inadequate, how we don't have enough management staff, how the best managements staff are gone/leaving, how all around the backroom there are stupid little notes left from my manager to "inspire" us baristas to work harder and sell more.

no, i will not be complaining about my bux because in just a matter of weeks i will have a new bux to complain about - uh, i mean discuss.

that is correct! barista brat has found a new bux to hang her apron at.
you might wonder if it was the manager, crappy ordering, poorly designed store, or lazy newbies that prompted the move - and yes, you would be correct.
but, oh, it's so much deeper than that!
my bux was once so wonderful to work at. even though a team of chimpanzees could have designed a better floorplan, it was hardly bothersome because we had a crew that all got along and ran like clockwork, a manager that really knew how to manage, and great loyal customers.
it's not as if all that is gone now, but a lot of it is. and the parts that aren't missing only happen about 40% of the time. i found myself loathing the hour i'd have to begin my shift, and that's never happened to me before at bux. i realized it was just time for me to move on because it was so depressing to come to work everyday and see what a mess it had become when once it was so grand.

so, it will be fun to embark on a new bux adventure with all of you. i know my new bux isn't perfect (part of the reason why they're sending me there - because i'm a bomb ass barista!) and i'm sure i will have plenty to rant about. i still have a couple weeks left at my current bux, but already i'm not hating going to work everyday because i know i will soon be out of there.

i just hope it doesn't turn out to be worse than my current bux!

customer rant: your pastry case was leaking water. i figured i'd just let you know since it wouldn't be pretty if a customer slipped and fell in the large puddle that had formed. so why the attitude when i pointed the leak out to you? why the heavy sigh followed by a "we know ALREADY!". if you knew ALREADY, why didn't you mop up the water? why didn't you put towels down to stop the leak? why wasn't your 'wet floor' sign out? excuse me for trying to be helpful. it's obvious that you ALREADY don't care.


Beth said...

Congrats, Brat! You need a change of scenery. I wondered wby you hadn't posted much lately.

BTW, there's a good chance this fall that I'll be in the city where I think you live. If I come out there, maybe we can share a latte.

barista brat said...

beth - most definately!

Natalie said...

The light at the end of the tunnel!

Benny said...

Brat, daaaahling. Happy Moving! You must be a professional. Whip-dey-asses-inta-shape, hunny! :-)

Sling said...

good luck at the new joint!

mellowlee said...

I love your blog! Good luck at the new location!

Grish said...

Sounds like your going to enjoy the new duds. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

it's about time..it's all I can say. Good Luck at your new store!Hope the stories will be just as entertaining- filled with new and dim-witted "foolios.."