"we gonna slow things down now"

so i'm getting more of a feel for the customers that frequent my new bux. they are mostly well-to-do, artsy and young. they have money from their work as actors, dot-commers, and online trading. the slide in with their chanel sun-glasses and their louis vuitton wallets. of course they're driving jettas and audis, but still they have some cash to spare.

i've definitely noticed the difference in the tip jar. my new bux has shorter business hours than my previous bux, as well as far fewer customers, but somehow my new bux RAKES in the dough. believe me, i'm loving it.

strangely, i'm finding it hard to connect with the customers in my new bux. they are soooo laid back it's difficult to even engage them in conversation. i felt as if i were imposing on them when i asked how their day was because the responses were usually just a half smile and a "hmmmmm". i had one guy slip me a dollar bill after i took his order. slipped it to me! slid it right in the palm of my hand instead of dropping it in the tip jar. it felt akin to p.diddy pointing at me and saying "whassup" from a balcony at the chateau marmont.

so, as week one comes to a close i'm finding that although not entirely in my element, it's an element i don't mind being in because of the extra money in my pocket.

wow, i just realized something.
i'm a bux sell-out.

partner rant: we ran out of vanilla syrup twice this week. um, that's about it for my rant. this store is just too easy going - it's hard to be mad about it.


Beth said...

Extra bucks aside, do you think you're gonna like this bux, Brat?

barista brat said...

beth - i do like it there already. it's just so different from what i'm used to. so far all the employees are really cool, but i haven't met all of them yet.
i do see that the partners have some issues with the manager, and from what the manager has inferred she has some issues with them.
but so far - smooth sailing for me!

barista brat said...
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[sic] said...

BRAT! Glad to see you're settling in to your new home.

I walked into my local 'Bux this morning and immediately thought about you. If you're ever in the Southwest 'Bux region...

Tom said...

The most beautiful word in any language is "uneventful."

slskenyon said...

Very cool on this job. I wasn't allowed to take tips at my job as a barista at Borders. They made some nonsense up about how it wasn't fair to the other people working at the store because the people cashing customers out didn't get tipped. Well, of course not, what do you think? They simply have to rub the bar code over a red light while you're behind a counter with hot air and steam blowing at you from every direction, expected to perfectly prepare someone's drink for them. Needless to say, we took them anyway--especially from the guy who wanted four large cappucinos with extra foam and whole milk.

Beth said...

I hope it continues to be a decent bux for you. And glad you're getting more tips.

Question: What's your drink? I'm a triple grande nonfat latte girl.

barista brat said...

[sic] - i'll let you know if i'm ever stompin' around your area :)

tom - too true!

slskenyon - my friend used to work at the borders cafe, then quit to come work at bux. i can't believe they make their employees shelve books when there's no on in the cafe line.

beth - my drink changes ALL the time. today i got a green iced tea with one pump coconut. sounds gross, but it's really refreshing. often i just get iced americanos.