things that can go...will go...

reasons being a barista sucked today:

1. seasoned partner decided to pull a no-show during busiest time of our morning rush.
2. assistant manager ordered almost three times the product we needed, making it impossible to move around the back room.
3. one blender motor decided to go to blender heaven leaving us with only one working blender during our frappuccino rushes.
4. a customer did their business on the SIDE of the toilet - not IN it and left it for us to clean up.
5. we ran out of espresso (the ONE thing the assistant manager forgot to order).
6. mid-day newbie decided camping was more important than coming to work so we were actually two baristas short.
7. a milk cap fell into the floor drain causing it to overflow.
8. working two hours of overtime because it was more "cost effective" for me to stay rather than the assistant manager.
9. did i mention the messy toilet yet?
10. newbie spilling freshly steamed milk down the side of my leg.

if this weekend doesn't get better i might even contemplate pulling a no-show.
ok, not really but it's nice to dream.

barista rant: do you think you're doing me a favor when you toss your straw wrapper at me while i'm making drinks? there is a trash can right underneath your nose and yet you still insist on pushing your trash towards me so that i may have the honor of getting rid of it for you. just stick the wrapper in the trash! it's not that hard! if you are capable of ordering a decaf quad iced three pump sugar free vanilla half nonfat half soy easy caramel macchiato then you are capable disposing of your own waste!


SkippyMom said...

Your blog is such a hoot - I don't normally go to 'bucks - my kids like it, but just for giggles I am going to attempt to order that last drink you mentioned
the "decaf quad iced 3 pump sugar free vanilla half nonfat soy easy caramel macchiato" is this seriously a drink or will the barista spit in my drink....giggle - seriously tho' I promise to throw my own straw away

Thanks for the blog!

Thy said...


i think i'll start bringing baristas muffin baskets

The Girl with Moxie said...

Nah, they have muffins...but a basket of money and plane tickets to exotic locations would probably be appreciated.

she said: said...

Is starbucks ever going to bring back those chocolate cupcakes? I almost lost my mind trying to sell my house, and those were the only thing that saved me.... mmmmmm.... cupcake carb rush.

Ben said...

Point 4. Ewwww disgusting, especially if it was a log.

Point 3. So if Bux blenders go to Heaven, what about blenders from competitors coffee shops ?

Beth said...

Maybe y'all need to add alcohol, Brat ...

lighterate said...

can I asked what a barista is, exactly? I'm from Poland you see.

barista brat said...

skippymom - they won't spit in your drink but you will definately be the talk of the day! thanks for stopping by!

thy v. - so long as your pleasant then all is good :)

girl with moxie - haha, the plane tickets sound nice.

she said - i don't think the cupcakes are coming back :(
we will, however, be serving warm sandwiches next year.

ben - haha, well most the competitors use the same blender company we do!

beth - that's only 'after hours', haha.

lighterate - can't you tell? a barista is someone you hurl abuses at, a babysitter and a therapist all in one! hey - how did a stripper end up in poland?

lighterate said...

oh that's a long story, and a short one. I'm actually an Australian stripper, and the number of Australian women willing to pay god money to watch a man take his clothes off in Sydney or Melbourne is very, very distressing, so I decided to come to a strong Catholic country where vice in nice and virtue will hurt you.

Benny said...

Stripper is just trying to make ends meet while waiting for the first lucky publishing house to snap up his poetry collection. :-)

lighterate said...

My poetry collection Benny? You jest, you jest. I write poetry about as well as I remove g-strings (mine, of course), but at least it gets a laugh. Poetry is the one form of writing that I still find unadulteratedly fun fun fun, because I do it only for love, not money (and it shows, it shows, it shows) - I write poetry like an automaton, more interested in metre and rhyme than meaning. Although I might be moving towards a bit of literary cash one day soon, touch wood, it certainly won't be for writing that doggeral.

Barista I gave ya a link the other day - long overdue.

jehara said...

mixing soy with regular milk is just gross. i don't understand it at all.

Anonymous said...

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