whine and "geez!"

i've tried three times to write a post that didn't sound 100% negative and bitchy, but it's impossible. so instead i'll write up a wish list.

barista brat's (futile) wishes:
- i wish that my newly promoted manager would learn how to do the damn schedule so that we don't have to take our lunch breaks half an hour after we start our shifts.
- i wish the opening baristas would quit bitching about how busy their morning is when they have four more people on the floor than the closers and STILL can't manage to do their assigned tasks.
- i wish my district manager would take the time to learn the baristas' names rather than call out "hey, you over there".
- i wish bux would remember that it is impossible for one person to clean a drain, make a drink, and take out the trash all at the same time.
- i wish my fellow baristas weren't so damn messy when they're at bar.
- i wish i wouldn't have to stay an hour past my scheduled closing because i've spent my entire shift playing catch up (thanks for nothing, morning crew!).
- i wish our ceo would remember that we are a coffee shop and not a deli, bakery or sandwich shop.
- i wish customers would learn how to flush the toilet.
- i wish hear music would put out a decent cd more than once a year.
- i wish my bux stock would quit dropping.
- i wish bitter old dude would quit complaining that no one deserves a vacation more than he does.
- i wish the talker would transfer.
- i wish the mid shift crew would remember to stock, prep and clean.
- i wish my perky assistant manager would complete a task before starting three more.
- i wish my newly promoted manager would quit calling me on my days off to see if i can help out other stores in our district.
- i wish the best manager in the world was still my manager.
- wish i didn't have to have a wish list.

and one final wish:
- i wish my barista buddy didn't put in his two weeks notice tonight, although i can't blame him.
he's a closer and has finally had his fill of doing his work and then some. so he wrote up a "dear john" letter for the manager and now i can look forward to training another newbie.

see? i told you - negative and bitchy.

partner rant: i appreciate the fact that you're into healing the environment, but please be considerate to your fellow man and bathe a little more often. or at least invest in a good deodorant.


restaurant gal said...

The Talker, the clueless New Young Manager, the lazy Other-Shift People, the Whiner, the Bitter Guy--I know 'em all. Too many trainees and still having to get your job done, the customers who still need toilet training, missing a favorite manager, wishing you hadn't gotten attached to the buddy who's given notice--I know them, too.

Do we work together?

Hang in there, and so will I.

Best, The Gal

Anonymous said...

This is a tough time of year. The weather's lousy, and your bank account is probably depleted if you bought presents for everyone on your xmas list last month.

But keep your chin up. Spring is around the corner. And maybe your friend's replacement will be nice. The important thing is, keep hope alive, and do whatever you need to do to make your dreams come true. You can do it!

We're all behind you!

TheDame said...

Hon, there's only so many signs the universe can give you. I think it's time to stop and analyze what exactly is keeping you at that shop, and whether the pros outweigh the cons.

It took my good manager quitting, the manager from another location's shitty scheduling practices, my sister getting fired due to said shitty scheduling practices, my best coworker quitting, two stitches, and a broken tooth to get me to quit Auntie Anne's when I worked there. I sat down, said "what exactly is keeping me there?" and realized- nothing. IF the answer's the same for you, then TAKE THE HINTS!

Beth said...

Brat, you have my permission to go in and kick every bux irritant in the shins.

Evangeline said...

Do you get amazing medical benefits or something? Is dental included? What in gods green goodness is keeping you there? I would soooo not be able to handle all of that crapity crap.

Derek said...

Good luck with the newbie. When my job decided to go to an overnight bake we lost alot of good people, fortunately we have been lucky, but it is never like the old crew. Hope some of the things on your list..you get.

Red7Eric said...

How does one move into those managment positions? Is that something worth looking into? You certainly know what not to do, from personal experience. Just thinkin' ...

Sling said...

Wow Brat..I think the worst thing is your friend leaving.Hope you get enough of your wishes to make things more bearable :)

jp said...

Tough it out, BB. If you quit the job I lose valuable online reading entertainment!

mellowlee said...

I hope some of your wishes are granted. Im not totally thrilled with my job this week :( Im sorry to hear your barista buddy is leaving!

Allan said...

"that it is impossible for one person to clean a drain, make a drink, and take out the trash all at the same time"

As a former bartender, I can assert that it IS possible to do all these things at once- the drink produced is called a "Mop Bucket":
1 Part Dishwater
1 Part generic vodka

Strain through ashtray and serve over mixture of ice and ground glass.

Oh hell...bux has no ashtrays or vodka. Nevermind.

A Margarita said...

I've always wondered how strict Starbuck's was with their bathrooms. When I'm out and about, I know McDonalds and Starbuck's always have public bathrooms. I'm always scared an employee is going to nab me in the way in or out of the toilet and be like, "Did you purchase something? You can't pee here!"

Hehe, I was curious as to your thoughts.

Poor Brat . . . Have you ever considered opening your own coffee shop or are you a lifer (at Starbuck's)?

barista brat said...

restaurant gal - it's scary that you're dealing with the very same things.

anonymous - thanks for your support!

thedame - i was sooo close to putting my own notice in the other day, but i'm coming out of my funk.

beth - and i will!

evangaline - actually the benefits are a HUGE part of why i'm still there. that and paid vacation (even though i'm only part-time).

derek - yeah, i miss my old crew from my old bux so much. thanks for the comment.

red7eric - believe it or not, if i were to go into management i'd be making LESS money (because managers don't get tips) and i'd have to work more hours. not fun.

sling - that IS the worst part. i will miss him terribly.

jp - haha, yeah, after that post i've sucked it up.

mellowlee - yeah, it must be "sucky work week" or something.

allan - my job would be more fun if we did serve vodka!

a margarita - there's no policy like that, so have no fear when coming in to use the bathroom!

Writeprocrastinator said...

"i wish my newly promoted manager would quit calling me on my days off to see if i can help out other stores in our district."

Do like I do, sacrifice your landline. Let them call your landline and if they have your cell number already, just tell them that you've lost it.

Of course, won't work if someone calls your cell at work, so never mind. In my case, I don't let anybody have if I can, seeing how I work nights.