coffee house news

it has been over a year since i've posted. i've received very kind emails from some readers asking me how things are going, so i figure an update is due. 

the big news is the brat no longer runs her own coffee house.

 that's right, i have, for the second time, hung up my apron and am again a retired barista. running a coffee shop is like having a baby who needs all your attention. the problem was i already had a child who needed all my attention. so after a year of awesome customers and fabulous yelp reviews, i realized i couldn't give the attention to my coffee house that it needed.

 and so i sold it.

 to barista buddy.

 yup, my awesome barista buddy who i blogged about so many times now has his own baby in his organic coffee house. he and his wife have truly made it their own and i couldn't be prouder. every time i visit them i see new customers, and their yelp reviews are amazing. my old customers love barista buddy and his wife, and of course they love the coffee! but even though i am no longer in the coffee business, i will always be a barista at heart. i will continue to blog about life as a customer and i'm sure many more rants are on their way. i just hope it won't take another year before my next entry :)


Anonymous said...

All of which goes to prove there IS life after the daily grind :)

Good luck Brat

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back blogging, sounds like you will between a rock and a hard place. But I'm sure you made the best decision for you.
Hope to see many more updates from you.

local tourist said...

good parenting choice, not everyone would have done that