ickity split

we have a new addition to our little bux family: split-personality assistant manager.
it seems our business has steadily increased since fall, so now we are being ‘blessed’ with an additional manager at the store, which means forty less hours for those of us that are part time.
some of us are pretty lucky – in fact my usually scheduled hours weren’t affected, but we have a few partners that are now getting 7-10 less hours a week than they usually get. the two raising the biggest fuss about it are bitter old man and the newbie-formerly-known-as-amorous (are you really surprised?).

actually BOD is always raising a stink about his schedule. he feels that since he opened this bux, he’s entitled to work m-f, 6am-1pm. tnfkaa doesn’t have any specific reasoning for her desired schedule, except that she’s selfish and has no problem whining and bitching until she gets things her way. i have a feeling that our manager wanted to knock them both down a peg or two and thought an effective way to do it was by taking away some of their hours.
no matter what the thought process was, BOD is now complaining non-stop about how bux has no loyalty to ‘one of their own’. tkfkaa is trying to pressure newer newbies into giving up their shifts so she can get the extra hours. and caught in the middle of all this is our new split-personality assistant manager.

mr. split has been with bux for almost two years. he worked his way up the food chain and is now a brand-new assistant manager. but because he’s been in this role for barely a week, he’s having a really hard time deciding which hat he wants to wear while at work.

when the talker came in to pick up tips on his day off, mr. split offered him a free drink.
“hey, i’ve been around – i know what the deal is!” mr. split said in reference to going against policy.
but when my barista buddy marked out a cheese danish to eat on his break, mr. split turned into the pastry police.
“hey man, you can’t just be marking out pastries when you’re hungry.” mr. split told him harshly. “that’s money out of my paycheck, now that i’m a manager. every time you mark something out, that goes against the bottom line – and the bottom line is how i get my bonus.”
“but all the am pastries are supposed to be marked out and thrown away already. how does it hurt you if it goes in my belly instead of the trash?” barista buddy asked.
“it doesn’t matter,” mr. split shook his head. “how can i be sure that you’re only marking out pastries that are supposed to be discarded? for all i know you’re marking out thermoses and coffee beans, and that’s money out of my paycheck.”

every single one of his shifts has been like this – with him constantly oscillating between two personas: the cool barista and the hard-line manager.
maybe in time he’ll pick just one, but for now he’s still mr. split.

customer rant: since i’m a barista, i’m very accommodating as a customer. for instance, when you said that you were out of regular drip coffee and i’d have to wait four minutes for a rebrew, i said “no problem”. but when you walked over to the decaf drip, poured me a cup and then tried to pass it off as regular, i had to call you on it. first you tried to deny pouring the decaf, and then you said the signs were mixed up and you really had given me regular. but you know what? if you’d just asked me if i was ok with decaf instead of regular, i would’ve said ‘yes’. but since you lied to me (more than once!) i turned into a pissy customer and asked that you rebrew the decaf as well as the regular “you know, since YOU said the signs were mixed up and all.”


668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

god lord, i feel for you. i've worked with enough split personality managers to last me a lifetime.

and omg, your customer rant is spot on.

Eric said...

Yeesh. the sad thing is leadership is learned and usually in the service industry is where the learning happens.
Nice rant - hee hee

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Bravo on being a good customer and calling them on their BS.

I wish your Bux was close to me, I'd love to come by and be one of your regulars, you seem so fair to all of your customers.

As for your split personality manager.. good lawd, he's going to make you all begin to mark out pastries before they're due to be tossed. That is NO way to build loyalty...

Good luck with that!

Gamestore Girl said...

I'm really surprised that you're busy enough for them to decide you need yet another manager - but not busy enough to allot more hours to help with the burden of someone taking up a full time shift where there wasn't one before.

I guess it is all about the bottom line though. We only ever have two people working Saturdays when we desperately need three on.

slskenyon said...

Yes, I have to agree on any and all attempts to be a decent customer given having been stuck behind the counter myself, but when someone is ridiculous, that is entirely another story.

It seems that every average joe that gets "manager" status, whether deserved or not, has to go on a control rampage as soon as the tag is on.

Sling said...

Give it time Brat...Mr.split has his head full of big numbers thanks to some intensive corporate brainwashing.It won't be long till the bitter truth sinks in,and he settles into quiet desperation.(I'm guessin' 20 hour days at low salary and squat for bonuses)

Lizabeth said...

word of advice to you and yours about Mr. Split: ALWAYS treat him like he is wearing the management hat. He may be having a hard time adjusting, but it is in his best interest in terms of his career to do so. And you don't want to give him any fuel that would cause him to give you a hard time when he finally does. Keep your guard up.

Not Perfect said...

"for all i know you’re marking out thermoses and coffee beans, and that’s money out of my paycheck.”

That is BRILLIANT logic on Mr Split's behalf. Let's everyone give him a round of applause.

Funny how Mr. Split always seems to change the rules in a way to benefit him. Surely that's a coincidence?