too busy to blog!!!!

let me tell you - working for yourself is very rewarding and extremely fatiguing. i have meant for months and months to do updates and let you know how things have been going with my new venture, but honestly i just haven't had the energy.

the quick recap is my coffee house is starting to make a name for itself! we've had amazing reviews on yelp.com, and a slew of regulars who remind me several times a day why i love being a barista.
so far there's been no horror stories, but again i'm not seeing nearly the amount of people i did while working at bux.

to tide you over until i have time to give you a proper update, here is the first episode of barista buddy's web series about working for a corporate coffee chain:

there are more episodes at Moby's Coffee Shop

i hope all of you have been well!


Christine said...

yay. Glad things are going so well and you are so happy. Doing what you love is the best someone can hope for. Next time I'm in LA I will definitely stop by.

SkippyMom said...

I want to get excited, but I can't.

We probably won't see you again for another several months. Still on my blogroll, where you will remain [of course :)]

I wish you all the best - sounds like you are doing really great. Bravo.

S.C. said...

Good for you!!

S.C. said...

Good for you!!

Marcus Chan said...

well done baristabrat! once a barista, always a barista!

i have also opened my own coffee place, but it's on the other side of the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Altho I'm not a barista, I have managed to train some pretty cool people. We even roast our own beans on-site!

We have to truly educate people on what "real" coffee is because millions are used to the burnt coffee served in bux, coffee bean, gloria jeans, etc...

Again, congratulations and hopefully we'll see more entertaining posts about you, the business owner!!