bonus question post!

i promised to answer questions that were left in the comment section of 'absence makes the brat gripe harder'.

here they are:
mellowlee said...
Im so glad to see you back. Sorry you had such a crap week. As soon as I saw the Orange flavoured drinks at my bux, I thought of you. Are these syrups limited time only? or are you stuck with em?

yes, it appears we are stuck with them. and i'm sure you can guess i'm thrilled with that.

Schlatko said...
Hey Brat!

Let me ask you something.
Do you have a problem at your store with partners (both at your store and at others) not charging for extras such as added syrups, caramel sauce, heavy whipping cream added to drinks, and other stuff.... meaning when you are on register and ring up the drink correctly the customer gets all pissy because their drink is now a wallet-breaking sixty-three cents more than what they paid before?
I've been having this problem a lot lately and it's starting to get to me. I'm really tired of looking like the bad guy and that I don't know what I'm doing.... when in reality I'm the one doing things correctly?
Was just wondering if you had the same issue.

yes. this happens all the time. bux doesn't charge for extra whipped cream, or extra caramel (so long as the drink recipe already came with caramel) but ALL the time we have people claiming that no other bux charges for soy or breve.

delect said...
Hey Brat, new reader here.
I need some help. I go to a really busy bucks near work and I am all about quick order, quick pay, quick tip, patient waiting. I need to change my drink, they are making it too sweet, so.. in starbonics...how do i order a grande americano with a shot of vanilla syrup and some non fat foam on top? Help please.. thanks.

first i need to know if you mean 'pump' when you say 'shot'. for grande drinks we use four pumps of syrup, so if you want all four pumps you just need to ask for a grande vanilla americano topped with nonfat foam. if you want only one pump you ask for a grande one pump vanilla americano topped with nonfat foam.
hope this helps!

Melissa said...
Brat- Love starbucks. Yummy. I always get an 8 pump Venti Chai Latte w/ no water.
But, i have a question- Those Banana Dolce Coffee Cakes; do you get them whole sale? And if so, from where? I have been trying to get the recipe but to no avail.... What company makes them???

i could be wrong about this, but my understanding was that different regions have different pastry suppliers. my store doesn't even have banana dolce coffee cakes - we have banana chocolate coffee cakes instead. sorry!

SkippyMom said...
Um, Brat...do you need bail money? 'Cause you know when I was married to my ex I became totally ace at getting him outta jail...so, if, y'know - you finally took out one of the customers I would SO come bail you out...and then I could hide you in VA! hee....
Seriously...we hope you are okay.
Take care and let us know if you need anything, 'kay?

haha, thanks for frontin' me! i'm saving my tips to pay you back!


Anonymous said...

My view is don't hate the partners that give freebies. Hate the idiots who take that to mean they are entitled to it. My favorite baristas spoil me stupid but I always bring enough for full price just in case and wouldn't bat an eye at being asked for it.

6th Floor blog said...

The not charging for syrups etc seems to be common. I've definitely ordered the same, soy vanilla white mocha, and been charged a different price seemingly every time.

lisa said...

I hope you don't mind if I ask a question too! My mom loves the chai lattes with lactaid, but finds that she wants a stronger chai flavor - is there a way of ordering it properly so she gets that?
And just for the record I love the people at my local bux! I once ordered a strawberries and cream frapp, but they were out of one of the ingredients, so I simply switched to vanilla bean (and am now addicted to them) And they gave me a discount! I was amazed cause it wasn't an issue for me.
Keep up the good work and I'm glad you're back

delect said...

BOYAK! Thanks for the answer.. very helpful.

Anonymous said...


The banana dolce coffee cakes are made by the same company that sends us the blueberry swirl, cinnamon, no surgar added banana..etc. I don't remember the name off hand, but I believe it says so on the box. If you ask nicely, I'm sure your barista can go look for you. However, it comes from a big vendor, so I really doubt they'd give you the recipe.. although an ingredient list would be doable (that may also be on the box too).

Language Arts Lady said...

When I saw the new Orange flavored drinks I too thought of you! I went, hey! There it is! Of course, there is no way on earth I'd ever get a drink with Orange-flavoring. Yuck. I'll stick with my vanilla or hazelnut, thanks.

:o) Thanks for posting again! Keep going!

Melissa said...

Thanks for answering about the coffee cakes! I asked our local bux and they said ti is seasonal. Oh well. But the didn't know what starbonics meant. What a bunch of buttheads.